Start talking to your kids today about the dangers associated with prescription drug misuse. Share your heart with them letting them know it is incredibly risky and it worries you.

Starting a conversation about prescription drug misuse with your kids is never easy, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Take advantage of everyday opportunities and in no time at all, you’ll  have developed an ongoing dialogue with your child. Teachable moments are about using everyday events in your life to point out things you would like your  child to know about.

Learn About E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, were invented in 2003 by Chinese inventor and pharmacist Hon Lik. Although many companies and advocates continue to bill them as a safer, smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes, a U.S. Surgeon General report alarmingly found that 16% of high school students regularly use e-cigarettes and many of them use e-cigarette devices to use marijuana. What’s worse, many young people who begin using nicotine through e-cigarettes will start to use traditional cigarettes later, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Make your values clear by setting a good  example. Take the use of medication seriously and always use prescription and  over the counter drugs appropriately.

Stay calm – you might not like what you hear



Be consistent in the message you are  sharing with your youth about your  disapproval of prescription drug misuse.

Start early and talk often.

Listen without interrupting

End the conversation on a positive note  (such as: I am so glad we were able to have  this open discussion about the topic of  prescription drug misuse)

One talk isn’t enough, especially for teens. It could take a few conversations to have an impact but you will make a difference.



Be specific about how you feel about prescription drug misuse.

Remind them that the reason you do  not want them to misuse prescription  drugs is because you care about them  and their future

Acknowledge their opinion and feelings

Explain why you feel as you do.

Set a good example: do not share your  medication or take medication that is  prescribed for another family member  or friend.

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